Ace, Rico, & Calvin Lyrics

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Ace, Rico, & Calvin

Lil Bibby

You got money in your fucking pocket?

I deal the block, it's my block

No, you can't do that, cause if you get fucking busted you fucking all of my shit up you understand that? And I ain't having that. You gotta have this the way I give it to you or you can step. You understand what I'm saying?

Fuck him, he don't get shit anyway. Who the fuck is this Kermit the frog face ass nigga right here B? Slap the shit out you B, who the fuck is this nigga?

Hold on one motherfucking second man, I said I got it over here, thank you

You know what A? I see you out here, you doing ya thang with your man and that cool. He's a funny guy and all that. So, I'm a step, aight? But I'll see you later

Fuck outta here

I keep telling you the same fucking thing about things man

You always telling me man, what the fuck is the use of having soldiers if you can't use em? That's why I'm Rico that's why I do what I do man

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