Afternoon (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Afternoon (Freestyle)

Lil Bibby

Big Bucks stacking money to the ceiling
Ask me what I need, bitch I need me a million
I know that it's coming man I got this little feeling
Buy a couple buildings, open up a business
Donate a couple thousand to the children
Y'all some broke boys need to go out and fix it
You pull up on 6's, stunt for the bitches
I pull up in a foreign, all these hoes going

I'm the man and they know it
I ain't gotta show shit or hit the club and throw shit
All these fucking haters make it hard to stay focused
WhiteShawn got it, if I holler, he gon' blow it
No Limit all these niggas know we
Steady rolling blunts until a nigga O.D
Keep acting blind, in a year they're going to see
Nigga how I ain't the man, and your bitch want me
I don't get it, black card, No Limit
Niggas steady talking money but ain't trying to go get it

No gimmicks motherfucker, this the real me
Even a paralysed nigga gotta feel me
Got a couple dollars but a nigga still cheap
Opps sending shots, pussy niggas try to kill me
There's too many niggas hating
Jumping on my dick because they see I'm money making
Acting like they real but I know they really faking
See me out in public, wonder why I never say shit
Lil Bibby man I rep my turf
I swear to fucking god I'm the hottest on earth
Got a couple youngins that'll put you on a shirt
And I love my little niggas because they always shoot first

Headshots, slam jam, we don't play around
The opps hear that gun sound when we come around
Catch a pussy nigga lacking, then gun him down
I run to town, tell my plug to bring another pound
Cause I be getting shit off
Lil Bibby, I'm a motherfucking boss
Like Ross, Go in the store, and buy whatever, don't give a fuck what it costs

If I'm the underdog, get ready for an upset
Got these haters upset because me and broski up next
I just ball hard, trap money, fuck checks
Couple tracks kill, I'm the only suspect
I just plead guilty, because y'all be hearing me
Somebody call the doctor, tell him to put some fear in me
I'm so east side, I be where the killers be
Headshot damage you physically and mentally
I don't think they get that
They're stealing bars, I'm like &"Can I have my shit back&"
Where the licks at, hit it then I split that

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