Bad Bitch 2 Lyrics

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Bad Bitch 2


She the whole thang like a whole thang
Call her cocaine gotta own money ain't no thang
She sick wit it like propane
She independent like no mane
She terrible she ain't hometrained
Top notch brain I like brain
She all that she everythang

You see she she she walk like a bad bitch talk like a bad bitch

Walk like a bad bitch talk like a bad bitch make me wonder girl look is you a real bad bitch
I can see you keep ya hair fixed but that don really mean ya have shit. Do ya spend ya own money when ya buy all those clothes do ya drive ya own car when ya go to those clubs when ya fuck up witcha girls can ya buy the whole bar. is ya stomach fucked up wit dem saggy ass titties do ya gotta wear a bra do you try to stay clean you keep up yo hygienes got them bad bitch losst makin sure them lil suckas wear a rubber when they cut ya or you let em hit raw got louie sum gucci sum prada n ya par can i get an applause after ya party n play do ya hit ya knees and pray do you believe in god do you do ya stay prayed up is ya mind made up youn need them boyz if ya thank ya all that and ya barely have sex always cash checks den you a bad bitch ma and i can tell by how she...

She a nice girl she a crazy ho she'll walk in an take da show like everytime she touch the floor she'll shut it down an i know she know only big dawgs a get her phone number all the rest of yall a get the wrong number got a lot of lil niggas dying fa her iaint got no time fa her she lie to me she is my pussy im the only 1 n she a die fa me i lie back say dats my cat thats my boo and i got you dont leave she beg please i need cheese i got to told me i can have her loot i told her i'll take that 2 im built like a statue i'll strike like a match do if i want you i can have you i'll send them boyz to snatch you got 3 homes got 3 phones my ringtone say sweet jones my nuts got ass cheeks on and you know what we onn...

Can you wake up wit no makeup n look good or do ya gotta cake ya face up ain't got no time to be wasting nigga fuck yall small conversation you bad bitch no cash on ya jus plastic real ass on ya no plastic real hair on ya no plastic yo passion is yo passion gotta peace of mind ya be relaxing do ya sell yaself ya be taxing i dont pay jus asking im jus asking cuz i dont pay i get paid ima bad dude i get laid buy a fit for you like everyday kinda hard to say but its hard to quit put it like this i just ain't gone stop this sweet jones shit til its ova wit can ya move around you on lockdown can ya clap that ass make a pop sound all you other bitches jus walk around you da baddest bitch AROUND !

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