Bars Lyrics

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Chase I think I just might as well go in on these bitches
Yo, 'cause when I think about it
Who really fuckin' with me chase?
I don't know either
Tink Ghee, let's get it

I said sippin' on dark and chief'n on reefer
Pussy ass niggas I call them Madea
Call me retarded, I been going stupid
I'm spittin' so hard, I stutter like cupid
Commas and commas I take to the bank
Your nigga face down like he's ready to play
I'm ready for war
These bitches want more
My pockets so deep that they feel like a pore
And feel like a boss 'cause I'm gaining
And I'm always going in like it's raining
Peep-game like I'm looking through a keyhole
And fuck niggas gone change like a tadpole
But that's good 'cause I'm still getting paid
Whip so clean, coulda' came with a maid
Came with my crew
But I left with a dude
Then I came in his mouth
Like the dentist approved
Bars in a go, where your bars at?
I know your background just like a car fax
You're a rookie to me, I'm a fuckin' bully
And I pull more strings like a loose hoodie
It's easy
You know that I'm a dog, You pass me that beat, I'm a catch it like a Frisbee
And I got 16s
But ain't none of them sweet
I could never be a star on Disney
Fuck that
Put me on a bus pass
Ain't nobody taking my seat
I generate heat
I don't do A C
And I make more hits then Muhammad Ali
Come crown me
And I'm always up in a booth in a lab 'cause I know a couple of bitches wanna' down me
But you never get that
Gotta hit her in the back
It'll be a fool if you ever come around me

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