Battle Buddies 4 Life Lyrics

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Battle Buddies 4 Life


Ayo, my next King of the Dot battle
Full of arm grapples, bar shackles
All facts, somebody gonna get their top snappled
I bottled it all up, but now you gon' get yo head cut the fuck off just like Saddam's statue
Army commando armed camel all camo AR ammo
In a standoff with Steven Segal and Rambo
Stick your arm out, while I'm standin'
In vantage point a hundred yards out
And I blow your hand off like the jackal
Godfather like I'm Marlon Brando
I'm off the bar handles
Lettin' off the bomb shrapnel
Inside of the god's chapel
Fuckin' with your seed like Mosanto
Sharper than most large panels
Spark candles, for the ones that pass away
I cherish everyday cause life is just a large gamble
This is just the wrong channel
Rippin' through your ross flannel
Caught across fire, turn your block into Los Santos
Los Angelos, heart bandit with Canibus on the track
Get caught stranded on map candid
You catch me whippin' these cats
On an ass-whippin' rampage
I'll throw a fast leg like Johnny Cage, minus the black shades
Anderson Silva, how I snap legs

King of the Dot
Muscular dystrophy patients inflicted with inflammation
Barricaded with Oakland raiders placing wages
Beam 'em up to my spaceship
Where the fuck is your immigration papers?
Don't say shit, soak your lips in this basin
You're officially famous
I'm officially off the reservation
I'm officially inviting you to my official engagement
Prophetic, enter the dragon
Prosthetic, hammers and ratchets
Kalashnikov muzzle flash
Brass knuckles crackin'
Double tap, pop you like bubble wrap
You stumble, collapse
Suffering succotash, you a sucka for rap
Expendable expert commando merc doin' Rambo work
You think cavity search during earthquakes hurt?
I walk with a torn ACL, jump on stage with L
I met Dizaster in the cage by myself
The don dada, big poppa do Krav Maga
The top shaka, shot a Redbull off a pinata
The hurt locker, first name on the roster
Fight you over a dollar, beat the breaks off a Black Friday shopper
Ten million dollar purse, flip a coin, who first?
I'm the referee of this shit, call me Kool Herc
Of the New World Order, New Earth
Choke you with a tire, in a tube, while American mules drag you through the dirt
Up a hill, down the ravine, till the sand wash in my machine
They scratch booty with they hands before they eat
Alphabet savage, count from seven twenty backwards
After three hundred and sixty lashes I don't need no practice
Marketing promotion distribution of plastic, digital tracklist
Hip hop classic, the whole package
I'm the Sundance Kid and he's Butch
Assault and battery
Hot terminology and tenacity
Diz is my battle buddy for life any way
I put Dizaster vs Marshall Mathers anyday
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