Bibby Story Lyrics

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Bibby Story

Lil Bibby

DJ Scream heavy in the streets
It's DJ Screan nigga
And this time around, we got a Chiraq
ATL connection
Introducing to the motherfucking streets
Lil Bibby!
And I give to to you for this season it's Free Crack
Turn up lets go

Remember back when I ain't used to have a quarter?
I started posting on blocks like &"Place ya order&"
Now I'm riding in Coupes and I'm flipping Porches
All from spitting these bars to a couple courses
I been locked up, shot at and damn near died back when I was 16
Lil nigga, big dreams, get cream
Hustle for something to make my wrist bling
I promise you, you not fucking with this team
Understand that the top spot, nigga I demand that
I came from the streets I should throw a couple bands back
That's being generous
These niggas illterate and ignorant
They not even completing sentences
Yeah, I'm really listening
I spit the shit
You can picture it
I'm killing shit
They feeling it
Meaning everybody gon' remember this
That Free Crack I'm dealing it
Something like that Pac shit
This for all my fans that been waiting on me to drop this
Everybody gon relate to it, It's not just no block shit
I'm overflowing can't stop this
Lil bro I got this
This that ride around with that Glock shit
And middle fingers to them fuck niggas that told me I was not it
When the album drop, go cop it
Need a flu shot because I'm sick
Back then they didn't want me, but now they all on my dick
And I only rap to my shit
I'm so fly like a pilot
Now I'm getting off topic
But it's about time that I change flows
Pulling up in a Range Rove
Getting money's my main goal
Bibby I stay flexing and all ya'll rock the same clothes
On the same shit, fuck the same hoes
Yeah I'm so different
L drop the beat then I kill it
Kill everbody up in this bitch cause I can't leave no witness
Nah I can't leave no witness
Killing everbody up in this bitch cause I can't leave no witness

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