Bust No Moves Lyrics

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Bust No Moves

Run The Jewels

Verse 1: Killer Mike]
Early morning riser reefer chiefer
You paid the most but me, I get it cheaper
Strong rapper reefer, wrap it in a big cohiba
I get so high I close my eyes and swore that I saw Jesus
I take another toke and God damn I feel comatose
I double cup and that's what's up and then I'm leaning fool
I'm talking any given Sunday, Willie Beamen ho
My bitch say that I get too high it might kill my brain
I tell her that she talk too much and she should give some brain
We used to fuck a lot but now you just fuss and complain
What a fuckin' shame, hit the door and hit the block
Avoid the walking dead, the zombies still hunt and rob
My days of wasting time, slanging dimes is way behind
I'm still tryna be a mover with a Mason's mind
I will get a mil, ain't nobody taking mine
You sorry suckers, see you saps at the finish line
You know I steady grind

I stay higher than Messiah, I ain't never grinding
You see them Jewel runners coming, but we body body
We bout that LPP we diggin' other people's pockets
Keep it cool, Run the Jewels, ain't no other way around it
I want the rings and the chains, Run the Jewels
I want the watches and the bracelets, Run the Jewels
We at the table eating everybody food
Invasion of the chains, snatchers better not bust a move

I’m a dummy I’m running with more than fucking scissors
I’m the Cadillac, of fuck you, back off me you bitches
You the Cadillac of “Fuck, I just suck at this rap shit&"
I’m the Cadillac of &"Suck it, I’m fucking disastrous&"
We the Hardy and Thom of the plant a bomb game
The lead em all to the mall and set ‘em off game
You wanna hang like Hussein
Eat a mile of my shit then put your lips to my true brain
And get the hash tag #fartnoise
I used to give a half-fuck, now I just laugh
I barely blink when it gets bad, maybe I’m crass
I pull the ducts out my eyes, I don’t cry, I just can't
Killer Mike brought the fire pack
Light it off the sinners of the city where the riots at
The living fuck boy eraser
Carve initials in the wet cement right where you died at

Who wanna run a summer with the jewel runners?
Got your girlfriend hotter than two summers
Everybody tough til they see them two's on em
Then they do a number two in they True Religions
&"Lord please don't shoot!&", they get too religious
Truth is we go vicious on these stool pigeons
Pistol pointed at they missus like I killed these bitches
We Run the Jewels and when we talking pimpin', pay attention

Run the Jewels we a bit odd
We bad news, you barely get a fat chance to slim odds
You barely get a short plank for long walks, taught like a sawn-off
No laws when I taught, nah
And I'm kalashnikov spitting
We always take the time to smell the rose when it wither
I'd say better luck tomorrow
But the horror of your life is me and Mike are just beginning

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