Can I Get Lyrics

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Can I Get

Lil Bibby

They like can I get a pic?
Can I get that?
Can I get this?
Can you do that?
Can you lend me out a stack?
I'm like call me right back
I just wanna pic I know I'm good for that
Bro can you do this?
Can you do that?
Can you lend me out a stack?
I'm like is you smoking crack?
See I got it on my own now
Niggas callin' my phone now
All I see is new faces cause they see that I'm on now
Takin' care of so much shit, young nigga feeling grown now
I just wanna be alone now
Everybody just go on now

I pulled up flexin
20 on a necklace
Youngin got bread but a nigga still stressin
Did it by myself bitch I ain't had help shit
Word around town is the kid got selfish
I just might spend 30 grand on my wrist
Feelin like the mothafuckin man in this bitch
Niggas lazy as shit tried to teach em how to fish
But these niggas just want you to hand em some shit
When shit get crazy they leave you in the dark
When you on top they act like they played a part
They done left Bibby in the water with the sharks
Homie switched on me stuck a knife threw my heart (damn)
I swear to God that shit hurt the most
Made it threw the struggle I deserve a toast
Almost drowned but I learned to float
Now a nigga got fans from coast to coast

I'm tryna hide the pain
Tryna stay the same
These niggas tryna throw dirt on my name
Money on his brain
Get you murked for some change
With the money and the fame you see everything change
I know the game like a mothafuckin ref
This the blueprint I'm a teach you the steps
Everybody in it for they mothafuckin self
Youngin chasin money niggas mad cause I left
What you wish I was broke or somethin
Runnin round the hood sellin dope or somethin
Niggas wish I woulda lost hope or somethin
When I told them thought it was a joke or somethin
I pull up stuntin
Make em wanna do me
Man I'm thinking bout going out like Boosie
Bibby on some slow shit
Gotta stay focused
Street shit
Beef shit
Gotta make it out it

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