Canibus Autobiography (Part 01) Lyrics

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Canibus Autobiography (Part 01)


(Go ahead you’re on the air with Jay Z)
Hey Jay, what’s up man?
What’s happenin’?
With uh, today’s market
Pretty much watered down by people that took Biggie’s style
How do you feel about talent like Canibus not gettin’ a fair shake?
Um, I, I think all artists should get a fair shake
Uh Talib Kweli, Common Sense, Canibus
You know, I like the guy’s integrity

(To my people) This is my audiobiography
This is my audiobiography
(To all my people) This is my audiobiography
Nobody can tell it but me

Paul Allen’s birthday party, aboard the Crystal Harmony
1998, so far from poverty
Sixty nautical miles off the Beach of Sound
Madonna’s music playin’ in the background
Dr. Boots sat across from me, Bill Gates walked out
Angela Basset tried to talk to me
He pointed to his residence, off the starboard bow
Looked like the president’s White House, we all said, “Wow”
In my mind I’m like, “This is dope right now”
I just sat down, sip some white wine and lounge
He asked everybody if they was enjoyin’ theyself
I thought to myself, “Of course we enjoyin’ your wealth”
He asked me, “What do you do?” I told him, “I’m an entertainer”
He said, “A singer?” I said, “Nah, I produce bangers”
I didn’t fit in, fat gold chain on
Pure player sweatsuit, Timbs and shades on
Paul Allen standin’ there with Elvis Presley sideburns
I guess that was to keep his face warm
This bad shorty I was with, yeah she brought me along as a guest
I had to give it to her, I was impressed
We spent four days and five nights, wine and twilight
I didn’t give a fuck about no Source and five mics
, Kweli doin’ Datwon Thomas
Them wicked ones used Hip-Hop to divide us

I’m a genius of compositions like Mike Mothersbaugh of the hood
In a circular line between studio Hollywood
I stood right there, and watched them produce the theme song for a film that I wasn’t into
Back to the East Coast boom bap beats, I agree
and Danielle, Lost Boys routine
Clark Kent, Peter Panic, , CL from Cornerstone
Give me another shot of Cortisone
The Lex coupe, Bimmers, Benz, and Bentleys
Star Wars, car wash, customer friendly
Goin’ through the Hollow Tunnel, clock at 1:20
If it wasn’t for Kevin, Treach would’ve killed Wendy
Talkin’ all that shit, comin’ outta Hot 97, Big Pun was like, “Fall back ‘Bis”
I ran in the rain, flat tire tack expire
The Negro League had a deal with Mariah
And the penthouse ponies from Kayah
At the table with the homie and Naomi when he gave her them diamonds
Hop the train to NBC and BK
Got groceries for this nigga, let me see what he say
They was solid gold, can’t argue with that, right?
Always hold my niggas down that’s the story of my life
My memory base jumpin’ all over the place
Just put the pieces together, ain’t none of it fake

West Coast Californ-i-a, shit is real
In the front yard smokin’ some turtle with Henry Hill
He put me on the phone with Cameron G in Seattle
We was just talkin’ ‘bout life, it’s all natural
I told him ‘bout how I do music, nothin’ major
I just came back from Fort Lewis via Vegas
Henry was writtin’ a book, workin’ on the pages
I remember the movie ‘bout his life he was famous
He asked me ‘bout Second Round, don’t ask me why
Bad Boys don’t advertise but I had to comply
I said how cool Mike was, don’t believe the lies
And how Tyson lived next to the Sultan of Brunei
I drove Mike’s Porsche up to the Sultan’s gate
He act sad like security be at the wake
He got out, walked inside, it’s night time
They had a mini horse track around the property line
I lost money at Kentucky Derby, ‘cause I ain’t lucky like that
I just got memories about rap
Remember put this in your CD Rom,
Few people understood where I was goin’ when I said it
I was so far ahead in the future, I regret it
Isolated, forced to fight with the basics, I looked crazy
But the truth is, it’s so amazin’
I got friends in high places
But countless enemies with deep seeded hatred who don’t want me to say shit

They took away my green card, figaro
Mickey the monkey can’t travel overseas no mo’
I moved back to Atlanta, back to the basics
Northside Drive, Dallas, Austin lives in a space ship
Stamps in my passport, been many places
So many situations, so many faces
In the limo with the high priest on the way to a Sony party
The only time I met Nas
Me and the high priest skip in line
We had beast with us, lookin’ like Spetsnaz
We stepped inside, everybody knew I wrecked rhymes like, “Bring the record back Selektah”
From twenty minutes a bounce, it was more like ten
But who’s countin’? And that’s when everything got clouded
The high priest had on black tuxedo slacks
With red shirt and red alligators to match
Back in the limo, I’m lookin’ at my world through a tinted window
I’m thinkin’, “Can it all be so simple?”
The priest put his hand on his heart, Pledge of Allegiance
And said he was the son of , believe it
He wore a pinky ring, said the ring made him a mobsta
Then he said was his father
That’s Theodore Bowen, Jessibell
Timmy Visine fell for mafia all day
It got to be something to it ‘cause they live like gods
And it’s the truth, that’s some real Hip-Hop hoorah

K-Solo, BOLO, Pac-Man
Born Sun, David Madison, the Sharpshooter Clan
Maintainin’ my mojo, record vocals
I went from underground to worldwide pan global
Back to independent, distributed local
Life is so anecdotal, I still rep like I’m supposed to
2005, summertime, Orlando
Shaquille O’Neal wearin’ 22 inch sandals
Cory Gunz, Marley Marl, Kay Slay nigga, Papoose
Young Zee, the whole god damn crew
Deja, 34, back then I was so damn raw
Nobody could see we bar for bar, look at me
Superman vs. Bizarro, Kryptonite cargo embargo
Listen they ain’t want no part yo
The red white and blue, 500 pound bomb proof
Shock troop troop mark my
The five ten program, freedom is a slave to no man
If you meet my on point, I got you
Lock ‘em load ‘em and shock ‘em, rock ‘em top to bottom
First cat put the kibosh on all columns, what options? Nothin’, need oxygen
Howard Stern took me to a Hip-Hop event (One time)
But not again, what?

Canibus is here
You hung out with Mike Tyson?
Well how’s that?
Mike’s cool, he’s cool
Is he cool?
Do you think he’s okay?
He’s intelligent
Where do you write with Mike Tyson? I mean did you, you wrote a song with him?
Yeah, yeah we, we-
Where did you go to his mansion in, uh, Las Vegas?
I, I’ve been with him there
Oh, you have
Did you see the tiger that he has?
Yeah, he’s got four. He lets ‘em run loose
Oh my… What do they feed those things?
I don’t know man, like raw chickens or somethin’
Really? Oh, that is sick man. Oh, that’s wild man
(It’s, you know. Things . They don’t talk about boxing.)
(They talk about, a lot of their theories on life and stuff.)
Canibus is on top of the scene
See this guy’s on the cutting edge of rap
How’s your album sellin’?
It’s certified gold
Is that right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Can-I-Bus, you know?

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