Change Lyrics

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Lil Bibby

Real nigga, I won't change
I'm straight you keep that change
My youngins keep them thangs
Try me you gon' get changed
Change, change, fuck wit' me you might get changed
Change, change, fuck nigga betta use yo brain

Pull up wit' my shooters in the backseat
Black gloves, black skully and a black tee
All my young niggas strapped and they clap heat
Real talk we ain't for none of that rap beef
30 shots in my PRPs, aimin' straight at ya r-i-bs
Young niggas that's all I need
War time lot of RIPs
Louie shoes, Louie shirt that stuntin'
Robin jeans, wheat Timbs that's nothin'
Lil Bibby he the man, can't touch him
Lotta guns, lotta hoes they bussin'
Wit' the squad over east throwin' Es up
Got some killas in the Wic, throwin' 3s up
Tried to tell 'em, but they ain't believe us
Tell me slow down, but I just speed up
Real nigga what'chu know bout me
Got some young hittas they'll blow bout me
Hatin' ass niggas wanna doubt me
Meanwhile all these record labels wanna scout me
Swear to God, young nigga can't fake it
Real nigga gotta see one make it
All black everything, I'm racist
Gotta pocket fulla Bens, come take it

Walkin' round witta tec on me
I'll die for my respect homie
Outta town that work triple
My mama callin' just to check on me
Get right or get left nigga
These bills ain't gon' pay theyself nigga
I don't need yo help nigga
Move every damn thing myself nigga
I be in the field all my niggas street certified
Young niggas load straps, then murda guys
And I heard niggas snitchin' on the other side
Free bro they tryna give my nigga 35
Feel like shit goin' all wrong
When I was fucked up, who could I call on
My pride never let a nigga hit y'all phone
Niggas choosin' sides, I'm like that's what y'all on
Goddamn that's my nigga since grade school
And you sneak dissin' on me, bro that ain't cool
Why you actin' hard bruh, you know that ain't you
I'm like fuck it man I guess that's what the fame do
2 Bs bitch I'm the same dude
Street code, I follow the same rules
I'm like Mike, my squad they can't lose
You ain't real, my squad you can't fool

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