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Rich The Kid

Pull up in a Bentley, flexing, wearing 20 chains
Spent a hundred up in Neimans that ain't nothing but change
I'm a young rich nigga, ain't gon' never change
Spilling lean on my Robins cause I had to change

The money didn't change me and I'm rich and I'm famous, yea it just made me more dangerous
Hop fresh out the banana boat with the dope and it sell like a rope like in slavery
I'm fucking the bowl, wrist out of control, Quavo told me whip that lil' baby
Tokyo diamonds on African gold I'm serving like Mitch in the 80's
The Bentley the color of gravy, I whip Mercedes damn and potatoes
Popping the seal like I beef with the navy, 22 chains on the back of your lady
That brand new Mulsanne watch me crome through in the thang' I'm in it and I blew out the brain
I'm gone need both of these lanes I leave with yo ho cause she know you a lame

Young rich niggas, still pulling up with pistol
Young rich nigga fuck it so I bought a missile
Twenty chains on me he only took one, got goons on the hunt that do it for the fun
Walk in the bank, a hundred thousand on my waist
A nigga thought I had a fucking bomb
I put it the Nawf on the map, we make the bando the trap
I put the work in her hands, she boomerang money bring it back
Got twenty chains on when I serve ya, look at the coupe it just came out of surgery
You want a zip nigga? That's just for me
Nigga hit my phone when you want a whole P

Sipping and spilling the lean, I'm living the dream, my chopper got infared beams
Twenty chains on it's a half in my jordans, bitch from Bermuda she trapping in Beverly
I'm stashing the bands in the basement, my shooters they aim at your faces
Whipping up work in a vacant, walk in the trap you can taste it
She say I got too many chains on, some niggas they say that I changed on 'em
Fuck what you saying, my diamonds they kill like they came from Japan
Got plenty of gas in the back of the Bentley, I'm flexing again
Way more chopper than a Pakistan, still in the kitchen with bitches we ain't playing

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