Change Your Life Lyrics

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Change Your Life

Doughboyz Cashout

Let me have you, let me put you on fours girl
I know you got a man but I can play roles girl
yo man on the other hand gone Honda Accord you
plus I'mma buy shit he can't even afford to
Real street nigga, I can change yo life
have you callin off work just to watch me shoot dice
I have you in the hood with my niggas at the trap bar,
'Fore you know it, you would fall in love with a trap star
Hoes ain't shit, so I ain't really with the cuffin
We can hit the mall, just to show you I ain't bluffin
Tryin to love you long term,
I ain't trying to embarrass you
Have you doing freaky shit thats all out ya character
In love with a goon, every night we gettin rooms
Your man callin wounded, tell him you'll see him soon
I see you with a lame cat, I'm trying to change that
Rearrange that, put you in the range all black
Come on

Girl I can change yo life,
flood you with all this ice
It's only right
And, I can be your everything,
take you on shoppin spree,
take you places you ain't never seen, girl

She prolly fuck around with squares
I'm iced up, looking like I fuck around with squares
Change up your circle it'll be a good look
I approach you smelling like cologne with a pinch of kush
I ain't nothin you used to
I ain't gotta boost, Louis same color as pudding
so baby you see the proof,
since I got the low tops, I'mma get you the boots
and since I got the big body, I'mma get you the coupe
Hit Somerset, everyday shop damn near all night,
be on the skywalk so much we can't walk right
Hit you from the back till you can't walk right
Leave them lames alone and come join me in the boss life
You got a real nigga, so now all yo friends mad
when they ask you what I do, just tell em that get cash
They say it ain't trickin if you got it,
especially when ya stack ain't fittin in ya pocket

I got money out the ass, girl I’m changin yo life,
So since I'm changin yo life, I’m changin yo ice
and money ain’t shit, don’t give a fuck about no price.
Take you through the hood girl so we can hang with foe life.
Blow dro all night, I like you alright?
We ball hard, they ball lite
these hoes they are trife.
But see you something different
Just me and my misses, front tickets to the pistons
and these niggas they be trippin,
cause they want you girl they wishin
but they money short like midgets.
If you ain’t bout making digits,
get the fuck on bout yo business.
Windows tinted if I’m in it
and the top drop so hop in it,
and we bout to go shoppin,
Roley bezzle with rocks in it!

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