Communication Lyrics

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I was born in ’82, a poor man’s son
When it came to hand-me-downs he only gave me one
At first I was ungrateful, at once I was confused
He said, “music is the cup for you I pour
It’s all I really have, wish I could give you more
But I have to catch my ride, son, I’m off to a distant shore”
You see my dad gave me the keys but I’d have to show myself to the door

Soon the words he left were too faint to hear
And a path with no direction made it hard to steer
My soul was dry and thirsty, my mind was so unclear
While wandering around and searching there
I came across a man I’d seen before I swear
And again I’d see him too on a beach with the fading of the moon

And he’d say,
“Communication is calling you it’s all in you.
No hesitation, you’ve got to see this through”

I needed something to fill me up
In my bag a gift from dad, my music cup
Well, I should have looked here first in an attempt to quench the thirst
The taste was like a melody
With words to follow so expressively
I was off to share my song and no, it wouldn’t be too long
‘til I was standing on the stage and the crowd would sing it back to me

And we’d say,
“Communication is calling us it’s all in us,
a celebration for you and me and the universe, our destination”

(How we find the answers)
When we search beyond ourselves you know we always learn
(We become so clever)
Let our walls crumble and burn away
(Make a change forever)
Can we lend a better hand than the one that we’ve been dealt?
Let the music be the way we get there

And we sing,
“La la la la la la la la”

I walked the beach that morning and I found my faithful friend
Waiting there with words of wisdom and a fishing rod in hand
I watched him and I listened so peculiar and so sweet
Saying “Love is all that we need and communication”

I said,
“Communication is calling me and yes, it’s all in me”

The cup has served me well for fifteen years
With music in my world I’ve shed some fears
And I’ve tried to understand how to be a better man
There is rhythm to my life that ebbs and flows
And at times the inspiration comes and goes
But whenever it arrives, well, I go down a take a dive
When I swim up to the surface I sing “communication” every time

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