Concert Pitch Lyrics

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Concert Pitch

Empire Of The Sun

I don't wanna be so complicated
I wish it was new
Girl, in a new arrangement
I just want the fire
In my heart above it
And I wanna see
A simple new life

I don't wanna go
I just wanna ride with you
'Cause then I know I'll be by your side
With you tonight

I live in this world that I created
I did it for you
I wish to be your love and savior
I tried to turn back the time
I've got to reach against the ages
And now I realize
You were the one I always run to
O, darling

I... I let the pain inside me go
Oh, I'll let it go

I don't know myself
When you are not around
I won't realise
All I got until it's gone
Just let the fire, fire burn
O, darling

With you
Oh I just want you by my side (with you)
With you for all my life (with you tonight)

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