Dale Duro Lyrics

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Dale Duro


Voy pa’l este
Que todos me sigan
Voy pa’l este
Que todos se miran
Con la medida mas alta que existe
Con esta verdad es que nadie resiste

Frankly speaking, we are eager
To be bumpin’ this out to your speakers
So plently(?) chance if you are not in
And there’s no offense so come again
Now watch us, we vow we’re out of control
You let el moro so therefore hit with it __(?)
Shawts with flow
There you go.

Ahora te cambio yo el flow,
Yo tengo este don de hacer sobre el pita lo que quiera:
Le pego, la muerdo, la trago, la cuido, porque yo soy la fiera (??)

Dale duro
Dale duro, duro
Asi que: dale duro, dale duro, duro
Asi que:
Some strugles and troubles
I’m begging they hustle, not moving their muscles
So come n’ get me
Dale duro
Dale duro, duro
Asi que: dale duro,dale duro,duro
There we go
They’re gonna be brave
And you’ll be amazed
Don't live in a haze, so hit hard.

No matter how pop(?)
When haters don’t stand a chance
No matter who, why, when, can’t deny who I am
Wanna tell me how to live,
Tell me how to think right
Think you got me figured out
‘Cuz you believe though a hype

I don’t care if you trump,
One day you’ll gon' be low on cash
I don’t care how you __(?)
Imma keep coming back
Wanna know where I stay(?)
Get your front page
Tell you: what? I ain’t mad, Imma shine away your hate!

Yeah I was born in the west,
Went to school in the west,
Learned to walk in the west,
Maybe die in the west.
I am universal, got reasons, got blames,
Feel flexible and simple,
So fresh, so clean
Try to outcast my deen(?)
Start fresh, new season(?)
Till we change what is in ourselves,
Go break your ego!

Un moro, dos moros, tres moros que:
Ponen en fuego los titulares
Pero en la caye tienen fe.
Tres moros, dos moros, un moro mas
(like this, life music)
esto es mas, que mas?

I said sister, whatch' you’re crying about?
(I don’t know)
You’re just a little bit of woman,
But you sound like a crowd
With the sound like a crowd

So what? I'm half your size
I’m like a house of bricks
I’ve got that extra spice
Yes, I'm just full of tricks
My webs(?) are made of cabla'(?)
To resist a million kicks,
Yes I’m a rolling stone,
To me, nothing sticks
I’m going higher, even though I had withdrawn since '96(??)

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