Don't Love You Lyrics

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Don't Love You

Rich The Kid

Pull up and I drop the top
Bad bitches, they popping out
Shawty bring those choppers out
Got more syrup than Waffle House
Riding round with them young niggas
Gun you down for them bands nigga
Extendo make you dance nigga
You gon piss in your pants nigga
Red bottoms, I’m buying Giuseppes
Bad bitch like Kim K
Trap jumping like D Wade
Got Jay Z on threeway
Young nigga came from the bottom
Back then, you can get it, I was robbing
in the garbage, pull up and they spraying the car
Your bitch she give me sloppy toppy, pull up in the rari, I’m sorry
Your ho, she the life of the party
I’m in top form, bitch pop a molly
QC and I can’t switch, whole cup of that shit
Good head, she a dumb bitch, got a fat ass and I cum quick

These bitches don’t love you, these bitches don’t love you
Fuck around and I pass her round to my whole crew

Pass the bitch when it’s time to go
Young nigga with a bankroll
Traphouse don’t never close, my bankroll don’t never fold
You loving that bitch, you kissing that bitch, she tryna buy a Birkin
She fucking you thinking she working, fucking
Stupid lil bitch can’t fool me, tell her back that ass up like
Ain’t taking that ho to the movies, she fucking and squirting, Jacuzzi
Whole gang ready, got a whole lotta choppers and we all with the bullshit
You kissing that bitch, I bust on her lip, she sucking me up in the VIP
Money bags, money bags, I just want the money bags
Young rich nigga got cash, cashed out Bugatti riverside
Now I’m swerving, riding round the city, she nervous
Sipping on pink but no Kirby, passing your bitch like a Frisbee

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