Don't Tell Smokey Doe (Novi Novak Diss) Lyrics

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Don't Tell Smokey Doe (Novi Novak Diss)


Yo, I'll do me and you do you
Tell the world how you fake all your Youtube views
Usin Wiz Khalifa's name just to boost you through
Not only hoes drip, but apparently you do too
You kinda sick, but homie I'm like the swine flu times two
You wanna take it off tracks? Fuck it. I'll fight you
You stupid as your dumb fan puppets you lie to
Tellin them all that Lil wayne wanted to sign you
Bullshit that's a bunch of crap
There's no proof Wayne gave you a contract
Whats up with that?
And if he did put one up for grabs
You turned it down cause he wouldn't kiss you like he does his dad
Fuckin fag back down or get burnt quick
You like the confidence I gave you on first diss?
It was on purpose, I knew if I threw the first hit you'd respond
Now I'll prove that you ain't worth shit
Am I a beast? Of course it is true
I strangle Novi in his booth
Usin his mic cord as a noose
Board up your room, you're doomed
By my whole rep of tunes
And soon, your fans gon' turn on you
Like some wicked goons
I don't care to pull your card, you deserve it
You're the reason white rappers have it so hard
You actin tougher than a
Nappy afro that won't part, but you're like a mannequin, all body with no heart
Your whole game is whack, Novi Novak?
C'mon, be real.. what kinda name is that?
You a shameless act, who's lame, infact
You try to gain fame
Pretend like you were raised with blacks
Black psychos? You're glad I can't be called that
I'm only crazy over Raw tracks
But you ain't nuts either nigga, so fall back
Closest thin you ever been to nuts is lickin your daddy's ballsack
You bullshittin sayin Hop sucks
You smoke a lot, but I'm one hit of dope you should not puff
Ya I heard your diss, it was hot stuff
I see you Googled my name
I tried yours, nothin popped up
You act like you the hugest star
You strun out like a used guitar
You couldn't get a hit standin in front of a movin car
The only time you tour is at an amusement park
Stop denyin it you can't hold me
The flow is nastier than anchovies
Don't be up at my show in Chicago tryna act like you my damn homie
Fuck Swag City followers, and Novi

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