Express Yourself Lyrics

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Express Yourself

Danny Brown

Bet your towels on war how, bounce that ass like a pogo
Shake and roll like a crab game in Las Vegas casino
Call up one of them freak hoes that bounce that ass to that Diplo
She take a dip, then take a sip, dip dip dip
All I want her do is make her ride this dick
Bouncin' on that ass while she bitin' on her lip
Really wanna grope when she look back at it
With a look on her face like she just did match
Jean phones cost about eighteen hundred
Pop a little pill so you know I stay blemmy
Blowin' that sticky now it's time to get freaky take a dip in the back rubber gun in my finger
Tanga got me rollin'
Thing she keep on woah
No way that I'm controllin' so I gotta put cheat code
We smokin' on that potent, drinking on that potion she turnt up,
Hopped in her hand stand bounced that ass in slow motion

Say oh my God, little mama be twerking hard
When she back that thang, she clapped that thang, she for sure got my dick hard

And I just wanna take her home and wear you out
Given free, no cashin' out
Eatin on your pussy got you squirtin' on your blouse
Hit it from the back on the living room couch
You wanna thing that your man won't do
Before bust one bitch you gotta bust too
Run around to got to do what it do cause I just did me so you gotta do you
Trapstar girls keep twerking it,
Let me see what you working with
I'm watching you and I'm wondering if you can do that with my dick in her hand
Her ass lookin' ridiculous, make me want to get in it
I swear to God she got angry, don't stop girl keep gettin' it

Toes on the wall and her ass in the air
And she twerk that thing like she ain't have a care

Express yourself, express yourself
Gon' girl express yourself

Pop the pussy before I go nigga
I'll be coming out soon nigga
So if you ain't in tune nigga
Pop the pussy before I goon nigga
I'll be coming out soon nigga
So if you ain't in tune nigga
Make like from your hair to your toes
Can't hurt your man with some hell naw
Between me and you girl keep it on the low
Everytime I come around you know it's a freak show
Four bad hoes in my hotel room
Fuckin on the pillows while I sleep til noon
Trippin' on the molly and startin to go party with big nut pussy... soup
Ain't no way ya'll fuckin with this
Ain't fuckin with this
My time game good no ice on my wrists and a big long dick
Some hit me up when you need the help
Dig your R's til you ain't gone left
Had your ass screamin' before I took off my belt
Gon' girl express yourself

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