Fajr Lyrics

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Brother Ali

People ain't eating they say the reason
Resources depleted for the defense
I'm offended by it these authentic liars
Should've been retired let me identify them

You'll never get me quiet my people been inspired
I'm the little fire flickering within the riot
Feel it vibrate shake awake sleeping giant
Keep them vibrant and vital and re-energize them

Our time's arriving our shine is blinding
They cry we're violent demonize it
Guys on the wrong side of right find us frightening
Pray lightning strike twice ice on their eyelids

Isis Osiris Christ in his likeness
Day of resurrection bring life to the lifeless
Tear the wall down pull a crown of a tyrant
Rebuild gentrify the planet for the righteous

He who sacrifices for the greater good
Elevate them where they should to the title of your highness
Only tribe surviving is the pious, pious
United by the mighty human life tie that bind us

Hunger find kindness minds find refinement
The sightless guided by the blind are the blindest
We read the signs inscribed in the horizon
Bright yellow shot through the night time fajr

Oh thank you master for my soul
Lord hold me close don't let me go
Oh thank you master for my soul
Lord hold me close don't let me go

The long suffering long for relief
The hard working meek still drowning in grief
Houses are seized and they tossed in the street
The orphans of greed in the culture of deceit

Strong hunt the weak and the poverty steep

Wages dropping beneath yet the cost still increase
Officers deep keep force of police
The four-headed beast wild all off the leash

Hard-hearted beast with a jaw full of meat
Engulfed in a feast while you starve at his feet
He toss you the least little portion of a piece
To the floor and expect you to rejoice when you eat

Survival can seem the impossible feat
But you roll up your sleeves and you sow all your seeds
Toil in the soil but you're not allowed to reap
So you toss and you scream like a horrible dream

Woke out your sleep got you forced to your feet
Feel the pulse of your people in the heart when it beat
The vultures they keep bringing halt to your peace
Pull the sword out the sheath keep the wolves off of the sheep

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