Freedom Lyrics

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Silence sound, crowded room
My eyes stay fixed on you,
Wondering what you gon do
Your date, your wife, your bride,
My groom.
Lord, what am I gonna do?
She got you,
And she locked you,
Before I got a chance to say

I still know something that she don't
That you don't belong here
So imma set you free
And let you go
Back where you belong
Here with me
Where you can have your freedom

Ding, ding, ding goes the glasses at the reception
Of a wedding we never thought would happen
I can't believe you did it
You said, &"I do&"
I started clapping,
Walked past your mother
The cover I was holding start unwrapping
Cameras all started flashing
Heart becomes filled with passion
I knew that you fell in love I just wish that you would've asked me
I would've told you the truth
That bitch that you with is trashy
Well, that is your wife now
I guess I should keep it classy
I wish you the best so there's nothing that can surpass me
I can't really blame you 'cause really you do look happy
Well I'm happy for you
Just like I told your family
But really I shoulda told em to tell you you could have me
And have you to call my number
Get rid of that other woman
Come back where you belong before you do something that you shouldn't
You said that you got love for me
Well baby where you put it?
I did my best to live without you but I simply couldn't

In our own little world, in our little place
There's a moment in time and a moment in space
Where we both intertwine and we both interface
The reason God gave us freedom

I won't go!
You can't do it on your own
You don't belong here
So imma set you free
Let you go back where you belong
Right here with me
So I can set you free
To be the man for me
The man you know you want to be

'Cause I still know
Everything that you want
And you don't belong here
So imma set you free
And let you go
Back where you belong
Right here with me
Where you can still be free

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