Fuck Niggas (Intro) Lyrics

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Fuck Niggas (Intro)

Chief Keef

Sosa, BANG
OBlock OTF

Hit A nigga up I don't give a fuck
I do drugs till I'm dead
Wic City bitch
Middle Fingers to shondale
Chief keef I go nuts in a fast car doing doughnuts
Shoot a nigga up then so what
That's what he get for being so tough
Run up on him
Put the gun up on him
Act pussy niggas whats to you bitch
Change his mind like 4 ways
Like a flat tire he need a fix
Hit a name off me you need it bitch
Goddamn i hate a conceited bitch
Ima shoot the clip till its empty bitch
Disrespect my bro gods
Got one lung
I smoke alot of kush
And why I don't know god
I got alot of niggas with alot of guns
That will use them then so god
Then so god
Kush smell like piss and rubber
Know I'm bout my bands
We rob who we shop with
Don't give a fuck it ain't my mans

Talking hoes niggas I keep that
Kush nigga, I weep that
You holding and we see that?
That money we gone need that!

You ain't shit but a stain nigga
Throw my first finger and my thumb up
That's a L nigga, to the brain nigga
That's all I'm saying nigga

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