Fucked Up Lyrics

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Fucked Up

Danko Jones

I ain’t in no hurry at all
I can wait a thousand years
I can be satisfied with a smile
I ain’t into sheddin’ no tears for nobody

And if you think
That I’m gonna come crawling back to you
On my hands and knees

Baby, what’d you want, huh
What you on, huh
What you taking
What you on

I ain’t gonna live forever
In fact I don’t got much time to live
I watch the clock twenty four hours a day
I got one life to live, one life only

And if you think
That I’m wasting my time
If you think I’m wasting my life

Baby, what you on
What you taking
Oh I ask you
Oh I ask you

We can still be friends
And you can go out with other guys
I really don’t mind cuz woman
I gonna stay at home and bide my time

And if you think
That I mind it if you are
Shack up with another man, let me tell you baby
I love it
I love it
I love it
I love it
Oh baby
I love it

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