Funny Word Lyrics

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Funny Word

Deer Tick

I don't have to be a hero
I can just walk these streets
Wait around for a drive-by wake up call
I don't have to go work just to the job complete
That kind of work always me feel so small

It's your concern, it' my concern
You tell me that you love but, but love is such a funny word

I could hitch a ride to Phoenix or up to Ontario
There'll always be a stranger with a light for my soke
I could dream about the big time
I could play the lottery
Make my first million from a gas station scratch-off machine
It's your concern, it's my concern

You ask me if I love you
Don't ask a question with such a funny word
It's really funny you let me sleep all morning
You let me share your bed and you say that I need to make a few new friends
Love works both ways you tell me every day

But love is such a funny word, oh baby
Love is such a funny word
I tell you that love is such a funny word

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