Hanging From Your Hearts Lyrics

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Hanging From Your Hearts

Matt Cardle

Baby you can say, you’re happy
And you’ve landed on your feet
But your still falling
And it isn’t gravity
It’s me, hanging from your heartstrings

I know every time I’m calling
You just sit and watch it ring
Cause your not ready
To hear everything
Untie me, come cut me down
Cause I can’t breath
Hanging from your heartstrings

If you can’t hear me
And you won’t see me
Then you’ll never, never know
Oh you’ll never never know
That I’m dyin’ slowly
On my hearts last beats
Oh but I know I know
Oh yeah I know, I know
That you’ll find me
Oh dead or alive
You will find me
Hanging from your heartstrings

Come on cut me down
Your still falling,
And it isn’t gravity
It’s me, oh it’s me

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