Here We Are Again Lyrics

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Here We Are Again

Bruce Hornsby

Here we are again
Here where the darkness ends
I close my eyes and then
I see things as they were back when

We had our own
Closed off universe
Closed time like curves
Fly east around the world

And here we are again
The air between us bends
Seven times around the world
In a single second I will swirl

I move through to find you
As a vibrating string
Balls colliding
Slower time elapsing

Here we are again
Here younger now than then
Many holes in space I rend
Dark matters' presence binds and mends

You stand unseen
Only the seen to me
Across the unknown
As time fades to shadows

Wildly moving radiation
Planets swirling like creation
Time for us to cut through space
Past the speed of light we race
All that's happened in the past erased

And here we are again
And again and again

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