I Love To Hustle Lyrics

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I Love To Hustle

Lil Bibby

A Nigga like me man I love the game
I love the hustle man
Be feeling like one of them ball playing nigga, you know?
Like Bird or Magic or something
Yeah you know a nigga got dough
A nigga could leave the league
But if I leave, the fans still gon love me man?
I give love out here in Harlem man
I done sold coke on these streets man
Hash, weed, heron
As long as niggas is feeling it a nigga like me can hustle
That's my gift in life, you know?

What? The fuck you laughing at B?
You man, you funny man you a hustling motherfucker man
For real Bibby, fucking killing me man
C'mon you know me baby

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