I'm Witchu Lyrics

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I'm Witchu


I’m witchu if you ready to roll
I’m witchu if you ready to ride
I’m witchu if you ready to take bread
I’m witchu if you ready to pop

I’m down for whatever just give me the nod
We have him tied up in the back of the yard
Duct tape behind the garage
Or better yet put him there between the cars
What I’m tryin’ to tell you is I roll homie
We after the same things, the globe homie
Roll like the fo’ fo’ chrome’s on me
But it ain’t that it’s just that I’m no phony
Homie, I ride to the end
Show these fake niggas the meaning of friend
‘Cause they done got it all twisted
The whole definition they missed it
They only come around just to get lifted
If you ain’t got shit well guess what they missin’
With friends like that, who needs enemies?
We say fuck ‘em there go your remedy

And he could sit you down with a gun to your face
I’ma come around and spray him with mace
He won’t even know what happened
Snatch the gun, put it away then smack him
Tell him he done messed with the wrong clique
‘Cause I’m a part of this bitch
Now that them understand pressure
He said it himself, he never should’ve test us
Now he kinda wishin’ he was down with us
‘Cause he knows it’s all real no clown niggas
Over here we all about the big dank boy
First you be a team player then you get a name boy
I don’t know where you’re from, or what you’re on
And don’t be a gangsta ‘cause Gotti gone
Take you to the crib make you eat the long
If a nigga front on my dog, we gon’ body arm

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