In This Life... Lyrics

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In This Life...

Gang Starr

Word up
Aiyyo Rome' (yo)
Yo life ain't what it's cracked up to be these days, y'knahmean?

Word! Knahmsayin?
Life hard out this muh'fucker, y'knahmsayin?

So you gotta make the best of a bad situation, and hold your head

Knahmsayin? You gotta progress through the struggle man

In this life.. (ohhh, this life)
&"You better wake up&"
In this life.. (talkin bout this life)
&"R-R-Remember this&"
In this life.. (whoah-ohhh)
&"S-S-Survival of the fittest&"
In this life..
&"I go all out&" - &"Y'knahmsayin?&"

From New York to Cali it remains the same
Bitch niggaz always wanna go against the grain
The strong will survive, the weak shall perish
Y'all need more courage, I keep y'all nourished
Get in line, I let you know right now
You need to slow right down or you get blown right now
From what I see it's systematic how we push to addicts
Demographics make the street life hell or drastic
In the hood we see oppressive genocide
Cause if it's on it's on, you know at least 10 men'll ride
But on the other side, corruption runs deep
I'm aware of the conspiricies, discussion is brief
They're building more prisons, spendin less on schools
On the block Smith & Wess-ons and Teflons rule
It's hard to escape it, certain laws are sacred
In this life my nigga, it's mad hard to make it

In this life..
Money is key
And everybody you see ain't what they claim to be
In this life..
I try to do right
I live a treacherous life, I know I ain't right, mm
In this life..
You got to keep on
You got to be strong, you got to hold on
In this life, heh, I come in peace
But still yo, I come from the streets

This one's for my sons and my lil' daughter
Peace to JMJ and my nigga Headquarters
A (GangStarr) with a gangster, on a mission
World (Premier), limited edition
My mind keeps driftin cause I haven't had a spliff in
a long time, I'm doin fine, I feel teriffic
I bop up the street, C-walk to the beat
It's cold outdoors, so I got to keep some heat
I never know when a cutthroat gon' try to test me
Disrespect me, things could get messy
Yes he, shoot a good game, like James
I mean Jesse, watch out nigga, heavens to Betsies
The big drum beater
With a car full of heaters and some fly senoritas
In some Stacy's or some Chucks, cause I gotsta keep it G'd up
Run up on the Dogg man you bound to get beat up

In this life.. (ohhh, this life, I'm tryin to make it better)
&"You better wake up&"
In this life.. (I won't have to struggle no mo', no I won't)
&"R-R-Remember this&"
In this life.. (ohhh, this life, this life)
&"S-S-Survival of the fittest&"
In this life.. (tryin to make it better, yes I am)

Ooooohhh, talkin bout this life
WhoahhhOHHHHHHHHHH, this life, this life..

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