It's Just Love Lyrics

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It's Just Love

Nat And Alex Wolff

When I've been walking down that road
And I can't feel the wind between my toes
Blowing oh so soft

And I've been thinking maybe it's right
And I can finally feel the things I like
To shiver when you talk

Do your lips feel all of the things that mine do?
Do you feel that tingle inside of your shoes?

Nothing's wrong
It's just love

And I've been hurting, my heart's empty
Stuck in a minute that is tempting
But that all floats away

And my heart's been breaking like a biscuit
You are the one who can finally fix it
And we'll both be okay

Do you look at our hands and see that new crease
From my trembling hand that cannot be released?

Nothing's wrong
It's just love
Nothing's wrong
It's just love
It's just love

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