Just A Little Lyrics

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Just A Little

Lil' Keke

I'm just riding through the city
Enjoying the lights, and enjoying my life
I say I'm riding through the city
And I done been on my grind, I done been on my grind
I got the windows down, wind hitting the fade
Been a good day, and I can't complain
Riding through the city
I'm just riding through the city

Maneuvering my equipment through the city
Entourage behind me, one of my partnas with me
Hand on my wheel, and my pinky ring hit me
Wrist stay shining on the inside I'm smiling, yes sir I been grinding
Windows down, enjoying the breeze
Part of the busting down, exotic trees
Take an exit, headed to the night life
Had a good day, now it's time to make the night right
Enjoying the night, and enjoying the lights
I'm enjoying my life, not a worry in the world
Got no pled round here, don't get it twisted it's real when I step round here
Silent call me marvelous
I'm just keeping things honest brah
It's like the lights keep me powered up, and my grind keep my power up
I'm just chilling, enjoying the feeling
We gon' do it till the sun come up, let's ride

6-10 59, lights on the tower
Street game money and power, every hour
Windows up top down, let a G rock now
Still here enjoying this life, and still around
Right pass the stress and strain, like no thang
I'm blessed just to be in this game, I can't complain
Riding through the city, mine it's my time
It's a whole 'nother level of grind, for this shine
Don Ke 7-13, the lights beaming
Most niggaz stuck in the bed, and still dreaming
Broads on the line my nigga, they stay waiting
Floating on that 2-88, I kept skating

Ooooh, I told you I'ma ride for you -

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