Just Askin' Lyrics

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Just Askin'

Iggy Azalea

Wassup, in your world?
And are you still coolin' with that lame girl?
I ain't hatin', it don't matter though
I kept it cool, but you made me wanna slap a ho
I look good, what does she have?
I was down, on knee pads
Look, this kinda sound like a poem
If you relate then point 'em out if you know 'em
Hey, boy hush that, I remembered you aroun' with your mustache
You was hanging so hard, you nearly lost that
Little trick you like to do, yeah I taught that

I got a brand new man and a brand new place
Played your cards right, you could've had that space
I'm not hatin', and I'm a play it cool
I can't cook, but I made a plate for you
You wanted something more, than what we had
What's up with her? She ain't all that
I'm not trippin' on what coulda been
I know it's kinda weird, I'm just askin'
Just askin'
I know it's kinda weird, I'm just askin'

I just happened
To run into you and I noticed your reaction
You couldn't say shit, I read your caption
She a one-hit wonder, and you missin' my classics
Damn that's tragic
I would hate to be you
To tell the truth, she could never be me
I got a new man, with a few new bands
Give me what I want, and he got that D

(Sent Saturday at 11: 53 PM)

You know what, you are seriously such a fuckin' bitch ass, loser, motherfucker
You got over me? Yeah, you got the fuck over me
Cause you fucked another fuckin' bitch

(End of message)

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I'm sorry that I'm crying right now
But I'm drunk, and

(End of message)

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This is bullshit, because you found
A new perfect girl for you

Wassup, in your world?
Wassup - wassup, in your world?

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