Just Fine Lyrics

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Just Fine

Brother Ali

The revolution will not be televised
The revolution's about to go out and get some exercise
Oh man, sometimes the revolution just needs a break man
Sometimes the revolution just needs to live life
Stop bugging out all the damn time
Check this one out here

The weight of the world is heavy on my mind
There's too much to do, never enough time
Need to learn how to lean and unwind
Take the days one at a time, be just fine

I woke up a little slower than usual
Sunlight pouring in my room, it was beautiful
Could hear that the baby had awaken
But she weren't even crying, she was giggling and playing
I got a call from my best friend
He outside and he's trying to get some breakfast
He said he knew it's right around here
So we left the Cadillac in the driveway and walked there
Laughs and jokes, and eggs and toast, and
I got the bill while he was outside smoking
He dropped it back off
Swear to God we got to do this more often, it was awesome
Bumping my favourite 2Pac song
I took a shower, put some brand new socks on
Turned the TV off, it's too nice out here
Put some clothes on the kids and we're outta here

Neighborhood park, play in the sunshine
Pushing three kids on the swings at one time
Let them run and climb 'till lunchtime
Put them down for naps and scribble a couple rhymes
I'm in my basement, what?
I painted the walls and brought a matching rug
Surrounded by records and beat-making stuff
Jake track bump, drinking water from a jug
Later on I'll probably throw catfish in water
cheesing it, put cornmeal on it
Fire up the stove and heat me up some
Farm up crispy and steam some green beans
I don't bake biscuits from scratch
But listen to that (this is good)
Don't nobody care, a lot of grubbing around here
Sparkle a pair of juice in cups in the air

When the sun finally tucks itself behind the stars
I launch out of my backyard with a cigar
Might take a bike on the quiet blocks alone
Bob Marley playing in my pocket on the phone
Streets are peaceful,
Slide by the lake, see the moon's reflection
Days are crazy, the evenings fly
Airplanes stopped screaming in the sky
Young lady's skin gets warm, she ain't even knowing why
Love starts to gleaming in her eye
Chest start heaving, she breathing, the feelings of the night
Before long she screaming ''oh my God''
I take a little taste of
And my eyes starts to get to the pits that follow
And I drift off listening to a novel
The revolution is back on again tomorrow

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