Lazy Bones Lyrics

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Lazy Bones

The Rifles

Maybe it's the make-up or a part of my design
Maybe you could put it down to changing of the times
I couldn't begin to tell you all the reasons to why
But everybody seems to get a high from bringing me down

I know I'm only taking my time
I try to explain but it's not that easy 'no'
If I'm wrong and maybe you're right
But I can't do nothing with a ten tonne weight on my mind

(Oh) I don't want to live my life...
&"Never Gonna Get Your Act together Mr Lazy Bones&"
(Oh) ...being just another part of the scenery
Working my days away

Some will catch a break and make a million over night
Some will put their faith upon a man in the sky
I wouldn't begin to tell them all a wrong from right
So why does everybody get a high from bringing me down

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