MTV RapFix Live Acapella Freestyle Lyrics

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MTV RapFix Live Acapella Freestyle

Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Bank$, ladies and gentlemen.

I turn the club to TV, come &"Dancin' With The Stars&"
Then I'm in ya ear, in her ear, amping a menage.
Yeah, they made it money, but never knew how it felt,
In a hundred pair pants, that's a hundred different belts.
Dress kills, Niki helps. - Sssh, it's just for the moment.
Ballin' like a Hornet, see it? Get it, I want it!
Everybody knows, heat hurts you got to show me first.
Magician! - But I can turn them to a Holy Ghost.
You can bring two, three, four of them, the wars won
Tick-tock, boom! Watch 'em move, run, c'mon son!
Big talks just talk; I let my money bark
Put my Ferrari in park - give 'em a running start.
Go! - Cause I don't feel a single drop of pressure
No! - He will strap a foreign guap collector!
You better stop all the hate! - You know my ends straight,
I clap your girl! - Make the bed break; leak the sex tape. - Gone...

Lloyd Bank$, ladies and gentlemen!
Back to the time!
Thank you for comin' to the show, son.
Appreciate it, dog! (I like it.)
Appreciate it, ya heard?

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