No 1/2 Steppin' Lyrics

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No 1/2 Steppin'


All the boys
Want to know my name
When I don't tell them
They get upset
Breakin' hearts
Ain't my claim to fame
And if I had a dime for all they tried
I'd be a millionaire yet
When I'm out
Hangin' with my friends
People say we think we're cute
When we're together
Yeah, we play to win
And if you're gonna stare
What do we care
So what's it mean to you

No half steppin'
Ya gotta do it right
In the middle of the day-o
Or in the middle of the night

No half steppin'
Show just what you got
And don't give up for nothin'
If you think you're hot

I'm not about
Playing games
I got too much that
I wanna do
Don't have the time
To sit down and explain
And if you're gonna try and figure out
Here's what I say to you

When I sing
I do my best
To let you know
What I feel
When on the stage
I'm put to the test
Ya better believe
After you leave
You're gonna know the deal

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