Nothing Good Happens After Midnight Lyrics

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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

The Clarks

I just want to tell you
A little something you should know
It will drive you crazy
You'll say it's overblown

Father warned me
Said I wouldn't understand
'Til it's too late, maybe
Boy you better have a plan

Nothing good happens after midnight
No good will come of it
No one's gonna save you in the spotlight
Now it's too late to fix

How am I gonna save you
How am I gonna teach you, and make it right
How am I gonna shake you
How am I gonna reach you, just in time

Crossed my fingers
On a binge in town
And a tail light missing
Heard the sirens sound

So I'll try to save you
With this tale gone wrong
Sit back and listen
As I ramble on

I've got no good reason
None in reserve
If I can spare you
What I never learned

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