Nyc's Like A Graveyard Lyrics

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Nyc's Like A Graveyard

The Moldy Peaches

New York City's like a graveyard!
All the corpses like the way I play my guitar.
You gotta be cute if you wanna get far.
New York City's like a graveyard.

All the tombstones skyscraping,
All the rockstars double-dating,
So if you hate me, go on hating,
You've been waiting your whole life for this moment to be waiting.

We've got it!

All those hookers in their fucking cars,
12-steppin' hippies hangin' out at the bar,
Suckers and fuckers and stupid retards,
New York City's like a graveyard.

We've got it!

All the Yuppies getting married,
All the Yuppies getting buried,
Singing in the city's like singing on the prairie,
New York City's like a cemetery.

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