Oh Lyrics

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Kate Nash

I just can't stop thinking of you
I really gonna, really gonna think about you
I just can't think about you
Even though I want to

Oh oh oh oh

Don't tell me who to be
I don't care about reality
I'm livin', yeah, just for me
And not for what you might write
About my head and body

Oh oh oh oh

To leave behind is not to die
But we're all dying on our own
But we can die with love in our hearts
And theirs

Oh oh oh oh

I am angry, confused, frustrated
Tired, I am alone
On this one
Image conscious
Image freak
The mirror lies to you and me
You are alone
On this one

Oh oh oh oh

Where'd they go?
Yeah, I don't know

Oh oh oh oh

I've changed my mind
I've changed my face
Yeah, I change all the time
So give me space

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Where'd they go?
I don't know
And where'd they go?
Well, I don't know
I'll never know
Where they go
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Never know

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