Pain Lyrics

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Lloyd Banks

They'll never take me alive, I'm gettin' high
Out in SouthSide nickle plated heater on my side.
Every night before I rest my head, I thank to Lord
For 'scaping this situations I can't afford. (uh-huh!)
Gun and sword, drama poppin' all across the board (YEAH!)
Mother-fuck yo' magazine and yo' Source Awards!
Just a year ago me and Yayo were makin' plans (alright!)
Now shit changed, I'm signing autographs and shakin' hands (that's right!)
Makin' grands, I got Jamaican and Haitian fans, (uh-huh!)
Went from ridin' BMX's to the racin' Lambs. - Ya understand? (uh-huh!)
They're not my homie, - they don't even know me
I had to learn from my experience, cause nobody showed me!
Nobody told me, I followed no direction! (uh-uh!)
Teflon for protection, so I don't end up like the next one! (yeeeaaah!)
I gotta - leave my Mark (Mark...) - and solidify my spots
So that way when I drop {GOD-...} - it's first class trip to the top. {DAMN!}
Chockin', smokin' that purple haaaaze. (uh-huh!) - Learned at a certain age (uh-huh!)
That once I get it! - Grab it, hold it, learn to control it. (whoooo!)
Niggas plottin', chockin', schemin', dreamin' that can can be me
Believe me! It's not too easy, you ain't built for TV! {DAMN!}
I'm hittin', splittin', duck and dodgin' these HOES
With an extra change of CLOTHES, when they show-up at my SHOWS.
I gotta - clear my heard and get my work DONE (work done!) (yeah!)
Cause I'm hittin' multi-platinum on my first on! (first month!) (YEAH!) {Whoooooo!}

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