Phone Line Lyrics

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Phone Line

Rich The Kid

Phone line
All these dam bitches on my phone line
I just called rich on the phone line
Tellem' we need a brick on the drug line

That's my phone line (phone line)
All these dam bitches hit my phone line (bitches)
Callin' up rich on the phone line
Say we need 50 chicks on the drug line

Call me
I got chicken
Bitches whippin' the dope
Stickin' the dick in the dope
Pull up in ghost
Right when it come off the boat
Trap house is boomin' and bunkin'
Young nigga I'm stackin the paper
Sippin on laker
Passin your bitch hot potato
I live in a mansion I don't got no neighbors
Bitches be stalkin the plug
He stuffin' the plane
He fly the bricks to new orleans
Feels go the be rich
Young nigga I come from the bricks
Flexin' finessen'with tricks
Back then I wass broke
Momma said rich we cannot get no cable
I'm countin the m&m s blessed with the
Benjamin QC the label

Who is this
Talkin bout offset he
Got dem bricks
Actin dumb
I might need everest
Actavis I don't do
they heard that I'm ballin'
These bitches be callin'
I'm stallin'
I'm at the top and I'm not fallin
The choppa be clappin' I'm not from
New orleans
I heard that ou work for them people
I had to delete you
My niggas defeat you
I talk to you niggas like preahers
I need 50k for a feature
All of these rapers they
You up in detention offset is the theacher
I got a bitch named victoria
She gon finess you
Let's keep that secret
I don't talk on the phone
Don't hit me up talkin' bout you want zones
Don't hit me up talkin' bout put you on
Who the fuck callin' me number unkown
All of these rappers
Dezz niggas gon clone
You think about migo when yo make a song
You gon make me have to put out that crome
I'm aimin I'm shootin off your georga dome

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