Plug Prices Lyrics

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Plug Prices

Oj Da Juiceman

You could-could get it those of the street shit, damn
You could come and copy a chick brick,
I got a spot, you can pick it up my act, damn
But I got number trap.
I got plug prices, I got plug prices,
I got plug prices, I got plug prices
I got, I got I got plug prices, damn,
I got plug prices, I got plug prices.

I got plug prices, I'm talking load numbers,
So much down work, feel a tam hummers,
Standing in the kitchen call me baby... hummer,
In my number trap, all we do is wrote two numbers
Like a calculator, all we do is have to comers,
I got plug prices, tear the plug to keep on cunnin,
Hundred thousand building gas, end it for the homie,
To match your tones of fish get... like the money,
Get it to the crash and we gonna serve every jonkey,
When you in this street for real, everybody love you,
Keep your eyes on the hoe nigga and the money,
Keep your eyes on the hoes, niggas and the money.

I got plug lices,
I drop my own pack, I can't tell all myself,
So tool say hundred palmed ain't need nobody here,
I got poor relations, plug do with hazin'
Plug... Jamaicans, I may be plazed, come get a dough sew it,
I can serve you different waste
The rest of P to make a brick, I got six waste,
Six hundred hours that 600, 000
I'm real boss, I get it off,
Aren't you got lost, pass three a cost,
Free band boss, I plug talk,
If I ever take a loss nigga, I'll take you off.

You can get a chick brick of the remix,
A lany ocean way, get sea-sea,
In a Ferrari seeking yalling like a speech...
All about my brand, Maserati G stick,
You can get a doughs, hundred real street shit,
Pay a finer feet, since I gotta teach this,
Pounds of gag going for the 36,
Want a 36, then I charge it 36
Well damn!
Well damn!

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