Poet Laureate Infinity Vocal 5 Lyrics

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Poet Laureate Infinity Vocal 5


I rock rhymes for your pleasure, you listen at your leisure,
I only record it once you listen to it forever,
The fish hook stuck in your jaws, the feedback was not positive,
Human Hominids fishing for compliments,
Started with a nugget, the budget snowballed into something,
Above ground running not underground covered ,
Breath easy, regulate the pace see if they love it,
The Poet Laureate puppet with a message from &"The Others&",
The aura describes the forces, I'm too involved to divorce it,
My internal compass points me northward, 10
My skull is a submarine hull,
Calling whales with whale song, creating basketball size hailstorms,
Water World under water war protected by the Jericho wall,
With surface permutation of the permafrost,
My war birds are grounded, their wings have been burned off,
I'm not concerned though, it's only the first lost,
Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry,
Poet Laureate infinity now you know it's me,
Yeti riding a Triceratops with Elephant netting,
Attending Black Widow weddings dressing in gossamer webbing, 20
Pretending, experimenting, they call me a heretic,
A derelict cherubim seraphim protecting America,
Height, weight, eye colour, skeletal structure was designed,
I circle my flight instructors in the skies as they fly,
22 times, to show them I have plenty new rhymes,
Poet Laureate will prove it to you all in due time,
Don't be upset with Canibus yet, the kid just want respect,
You been a success but what do he get?
Politics and Perjury bring out the worst in me,
But I don't take it personally, even though it's hurting me, 30
The key maker turns the key, those observing me keep cursing me,
They aren't worthy of a word from me,
I spit the truth, Rip the mic, Rip the booth, Rip you too,
Rip the Jacker is proof I Ripped through,
It drives me insane when a woman wears lace,
The current gene structure is 46 pair based,
Her heart rumbling and thundering like Captain Nicole Malachowski
From an airbase, on a clear day,
Ok I'm a pervert, It's time to fess up,
I might be looking for a leg up, but I won't touch, 40
Closet sadomasochist sexual pacifist,
I like to role play but I only play masculine,
Victory over injury a victim to misery
The myriad of my metaphors make me a mystical mystery
I'm a giant in the industry just over 5 ft,
Even my photo ID don't look like me,
The NASA contractor with a satchel of answers,
I passed up the Nobel Peace Prize for my passion,
Democracy Rules Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M.,
Another fucking acronym, just what I need, 50
Killing me with phrases that were designed to put me into dazes,
As worthless as stupid junk mail is,
&"That is not dead which can eternally lie,
and with strange aeons even death may die&",
The Squid Faced God is difficult to describe,
Those of weak heart and mind shouldn't even try,
In a town near Kadam and Kakrak Jahlalabad,
I pray in a hut constructed from Sago Palm,
Astoria Oregon Fisherman Poets got lost,
Looking for Paradise, it only exists in the heart, 60
'Cause emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words, Actions and Reality,
But what is attracting me?
The overseer of poetic antiquity,
The Victoria and Albert Museum kept them for me,
Pythagoras, Dionysus, Loki and Pan,
They have enlightened me thru song to understand,
The multiplex meshing multiple messages is too much for me,
Truly there is too much to see,
I'll mix one for you, then one for me,
I'll mix some for the street, mix ‘til my thumbs bleed 70
A stationary pulley drawing from a wishing well,
The Genie gave me more than three because I listen well,
Conflicted and confused but completely compelled,
To celebrate my birthday alone in the year 2012,
I hope I am not alone, that would be terrible,
If I am celebrating then that be a miracle,
In a newly ordered world living in shit,
No matter how good or poor your English is,
You lazy and you wanna be the best? You crazy!
Poet Laureate is reserved for the name G, 80
Will-I-Am, the name that my precious mother gave me,
The world came to know me as Sir William,
The man of steel with a Smallville build with the illest ,
Some of my thoughts align with Einstein himself,
I wanna know God's thoughts too, the rest are details,
Lyrical Fitness is no secret of course but,
The secret to creativity is hiding your sources,
Preserve the sanctity of the Soldiers in Iraq,
Do not blame them and hold their humanity hostage, 90
Pray for the families that want them home,
Pray for the families abroad that have lost their homes,
Who have lost their faith, who have lost their hope,
Who have lost their point, who have lost their own,
Yo! Calm the fuck down, I shouldn't have to curse at you,
Hydrate as much as possible, drink a lot of juice,
Fucking bummer, no armour inside the Hummer,
Gotta hug a motherfucking sandbag for cover,
Now I'm self employed, still gotta pay taxes,
Cashless, bankrupt, ain't got no assets, 100
From the gutter to the gallows no media coverage,
'Cause I don't want it, that's why I'm rarely seen in public,
President Poetry, the popular obedient Pundit,
That's right, you can take this job and shove it,
I dictate a scribe that causes the court stenographer to die,
Brewing hot tea with honey and lime,
How's my driving? Run you off the road smiling,
1-800-RoadRage, Start dialling,
The snake will grow feet and stampede you to your defeat,
You are weak, you lied to us all in your speech,110
Symbiotic indeed, the host bleeds,
Parasites attach to feed fulfilling antiquated needs,
Rock climbed the slope shaped like a stop sign,
In record clock time, Hot Lava lock rhymes rock slide topside,
How does one ever really perfect such a craft?,
You're obliged by your curiosity to ask,
Cubism and Futurism writing amusing lyrics,
My opinion of your opinion is you can't be serious,
Test driving my principle findings
By designing a new style of rhyming you can take home and try out, 120
A 100 Bars per hour sometimes I doubled the writing
Secret signature timing was the hardest part to figure out,
Agonizing, the pain of the migraine biting my brain,
And everything inside it I can't explain but I'm trying,
I heard this before, I can't remember who said it,
We hear from 1000 to 20 thousand cycles per second,
Straight out the freak show no pre show,
Limited oxygen when I rhyme fast you breath slow,
VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules by the Book,
You should know this even though it don't concern showbiz, 130
Because when in Rome, walk as a Roman,
Obviously you can see you've made the wrong choice,
Fraternize but don't do it in the wrong tone of voice,

A bad boy with bad toys made from new alloys,
Readapted from a crashed disc and asteroid,
My shelter is not far, you can borrow what you need,
The bunker doors sequestered beneath the tall tumble trees,
After the Matrix, Agent Smith continued his movement,
The same bullshit, that humans are major pollutants, 140
Assemble the Gatling gun, spin it see if it spun,
Weapons check correct, I'm done, next one,
My rap room is an 8 by 14 underground base,
Hypercube microphone booth in a vacuum of space,
Extraterrestrial Isotopic ratios,
A broke Scientist in his Lab with no place to go,
All these conscious rappers ain't saying nothing,
Matter fact they have no constituent function,
Mix this record different, you'll hear me call names out,
It's played out but there must have been alternative routes, 150
The Geneva Protocol Advocates are so sloppy,
A human being is not anybodies property,
Reading body language in a Zero Gravity environment,
Is much easier said than done, if you're trying it,
Attending the Opera with a Pompous Ego Monster,
I can barely take my eyes off her big old knockers,
Integrated in an existing clothing ensemble,
My Saratoga Suit is Military Garment,
The Quarantine Isolation Unit is where I house it,
My team and I salvage the work of Dr. Fritz Albert, 160
If the prototype works, there's no telling what I will do,
I'll have to get a new plane, a new pilot and a crew,
Creatively I have never been to this level,
First I'll put you in a sideways 8, then a pretzel,
Password please have patience verification,
I repeat, &"What's Your Character String Verification?&",
Infrared spectral observation from the Space Station,
Before you take a break, I'll need you to list and name them,
Dock the Kliper Craft at the preliminary designation,
Tracing the Detection of Submicron Radiation, 170
Do not leave the Orbital Boom Sensor System running,
I heard something called nothing that the Cosmonauts were coming,
The rhymes are in place, General George Case and Peter Pace
Said we had absolutely no time to waste,
Next time we meet this whole song will be a new mix,
For all the Rippers out there who need a new fix,
My Father is Jamaican, my Mother is British,
Raised to be civic, in the household we spoke Yiddish
ELF 100 cycles per second, Elephant Hearing,
I'm heading for the clearing, Storm Clouds appearing, 180
On the back of an Elephant with advanced intelligence,
Like Nikola Tesla, shit!, damn that's a smart elephant,
Cease fire breach, riot and loot for 3 weeks, don't you see,
Broke niggas never promote peace,
Susan Malveaux will interview the polygamist Mr. Bis,
Undisclosed in his home by the cliffs,
I rip shit consistent, spit persistent,
The sickness, spit with conviction, promote lyrical fitness,
I'm lost...... Which version is this? Mozart with a flowchart
Putting together parts of an unknown art but coming from my own heart 190

Burning a disk, initializing, rhyming and visualizing,
Reaching 1000 Bars and climbing,
Martial… several miles deep underneath the Earth,
The Boston Visionary Cell designed my new Lab,
Paul Laffoley engineered a magnificent draft,
Extraordinary men, who meet to review and recommend,
I attend the Gubernatorial that never ends,
We just got a SASO, we call this one the Black Hole,
I'm glad I'm the last to go, 200
Zionism the answer to your uncensored question,
Guy de Rothschild and his bloodline brethren,
Playing the guitar singing folk songs, speaking my mind,
Nobody could really understand the reason I rhyme,
Infrared direct hit, target bled, proceed to inject the syringe with meds
that subsequently pinch your leg,
You feel like your an inch from being dead but you alive instead,
You're really dead your just living in my head,
Fire for effect, smoke out then rest,
Give me a wedge formation, roll out like this, 210
I will spare no sin, walk in with a scarecrow grin, looking crazy,
Cause that's what you made me,
Classified payloads with no frequency safe modes, no safety,
And I still made time for the ladies,
Ceiling visibility unlimited, a lyricist river fish surrounded by nigger shrimp
I'm a killer pimp,
Somebody said Hip Hop don't need me,
Nigga I grew up in D.C., I love Lil' Weezy,
Me and Baby got the same name,
We probably got the same blood in our veins, liquid propane, 220
At the top of the Temple Mount Mosque I look at the Sun,
I just a few words for everyone,
Everybody bow your heads and say this prayer,
Poet Laureate Infinity,

Poet Laureate Infinity,
Poet Laureate Infinity,
Poet Laureate Infinity,

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