Problems Lyrics

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Rich The Kid

What you tryna do shawty, I'm a millionaire
I got bands on me, jumping out of helicopters, eating steak and lobster
I get guala with my partners
I'm in Haiti, bitch I ain't gon have no problems
I got rich nigga problems
I got issues, I got motherfucking problems
I got problems, I got rich nigga problems
Young nigga I came from the bottom
Now that I'm rich I got problems

These bitches be stalking
Her friends, I don't cuff 'em
Red bottoms, I bleed when I'm walking
These bitches is dirty, my niggas is flirty, my is so muddy
At the age of 13 I was in and out of juvie
Now my life is a movie
You cuffing' and kissing' and giving' her money
She fucked me, she nothing' but a groupie
Asking the Lord for forgiveness for sins I committed
18 I was looking at prison
Sat in my cell and I pray
Got to thank God cause he showed me the way
Fired my lawyer and I beat the case
Don't want a pic, get the fuck out my face
My necklace is covered in diamonds my nigga, your bitch want to skate
King of the trap, it's jumping and booming and bucking, young nigga get money
I came from a Honda, I ride in a Masi, I'm twenty
They say I won't make it but now the same bitches are calling my cellular
Rich nigga I trap out a mansion, I'm walking around like the governor

Walking around with a fifty, Versace like Biggie
I'm rich, but your pockets are empty
These bitches calling and stalking young nigga
The king of my city, two chains but no Tity
I'm richer than Diddy
I'm trapping the Hannah and Lizzy
The lean is killing my kidneys, Monefa she got to stay with me
I came from the bottom, back then I was starving
Capping and trapping and robbing
You can hate me now but I won't stop now
Young nigga walk round with a touch down
My mama she told me these niggas they fake
They plotting, they know that you made it
I had to stay patient, I waited
Fuck nigga I'm finally famous
Flex on my shoes, know my Trues, Diamonds ocean blue
You taking her out for a dinner and movie, she fucking the crew
You wife her, you taking lil mama, young nigga she laughing at you
You fucking that ho no rubber, she a prostitute!

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