Pure White Lyrics

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Pure White

Doughboyz Cashout

Estés Ritmo de Latinoamérica

The cocaine seats all white
Anything you need, I can get it on sight
I've been goin' hard in the kitchen all night
Black car, but the cocaine seats all white

You niggas just findin' La Madrina
I've been sellin' dope from La Marina
Back when Joey's name was Cartagena
Steppin' on it like la Macarena
My Rollie, my bitch Rollie, it all come from that white cocaine
Versace, nigga, ice hockey, nigga, it all come from that white cocaine
My momma, 65 with a 'Rari coupe in her name
I bought it, she signed it, who the fuck do you blame?
Two scales in the trap car, woo!
All you seein' is a rap star, woo!
Trash bags in the trap door
Hundred bands like a black car, yuugh!

I remember when I bought my first O
Bagged it up with my side ho
Scales in the basement by the choppa
Sellin' powder white as my Balenciaga's
No hoop dreams, I just want a kilo
Tryna be Money Makin' Mitch and dodge the Rico
Was payin' off my family members' bills
Had to hide it cause my uncle steal
Cookin' and mixin' and stretchin' and choppin' and cuttin' it
Watch on my wrist, it hit me for 36 onions
Frontin' it, sellin' it, mailin' it, runnin' with killers
Don't mind me, I'm just a D nigga, Detroit, bitch!

I had 'em for the 2-3, nigga, just like new J's
I could stretch that 62 'bout four ways
Cut it with the razor, first aid
Then I put that white girl in the water, mermaid
You know I take it out the pack with that precision
And then I split it down the middle like division
Watch it freeze up like a freezer
Front number nine, now he owe me like I'm VISA
I got a unit sittin' round like they legal
We 'on't knock 'em, state prop, Beanie Sigel
Had the front porch boomin' like it's Wall Street
Had cars all up and down the block like Freak Nik

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