Real Cool Hand Lyrics

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Real Cool Hand

Reckless Kelly

She knows what she's doing
She's been doing it all along
And I can't win for losing
Cause she knows I'm not that strong
She'll set me up to knock me down
Just like she planned
She's got a real cool hand

Just when I come calling
That's when she'll be up and gone
I can't help but falling
Yeah she turns me on and on
She acts as if it's something
She don't understand
She's got a real cool hand

A crazy handful of nothin'
Oh, but ain't she somethin'
Every wish is her command
She's got a real cool hand

I call 'em like I see 'em
And I should have hedged my bets
Pulling back the reigns ain't easy
When you live with no regrets
Innocence and beauty
No man could withstand
She's got a real cool hand

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