Rock And Roll Holiday Lyrics

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Rock And Roll Holiday

David Allan Coe

Why did you come here, what do you need
Don't look at me like you want me to plead
My friends are dying to make rock and roll stand
While we've been living in a country rock band
We've got to slow down - come down
We got to get off of this merry-go-round

Where did you go, Marilyn Monroe
If you see James dean, tell him i said hello
Janis sang here, jimmy did too
They're saving a place there for me and you
There's gonna be a rock and roll holiday
We've got to get there in time to play

Tune up the fiddle, rosin the bow
We could be the only country band on a rock and roll show
We've got to get up, no time to hit up
There's another crowd waiting for the music to play

Slow down - come down
Don't take a ride on death's merry-go-round

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