Sads Lyrics

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The Church

He never should have been in your home
You never should have left them alone
You should have recognized the ice in his eyes
And nothing would be bad enough
And no one would be glad enough
If he was thrown to the jackals and flies
Now there can be no compromise

But the Earth cannot recoil
If only the oceans would boil
If only the sky could cry black rain
If only it would never happen again
I want you to feel that baby's pain

Hate guides him, hate inside him
Hate multiplies and divides him
Suffer killing, suffocate
Suffer children, suffer hate

To never feel the daylight again
Or see the stars at night again
All the little things we take for granted
These deeds are the seeds that have been planted
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
He never should have been in your home

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