Saving The World Lyrics

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Saving The World

Brooke Fraser

Didn't I tell you everything's fine?
If there's a good and bad we're somewhere in between
Often I feel like we're all navigating blind
Could we get a change of pace to set the scene?

We could stay another day in this confusion
Let it permeate us 'til we can't move on

But while we're waiting we could try saving the world
Or are we storing that up for a rainy day?
I'm anticipating the time when it'll be my turn
It could be fun to try
I think that I'll save the world as a fun afternoon activity

Seventy thousand things to ponder today
Most significant are bottom of the list
Forty five million recipes and ways
To exaggerate and compound the stress

We could stay another day in this apathy
Let it permeate us 'til we're numb through


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