Shoes For Running Lyrics

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Shoes For Running

Big Boi

Shoes for running, and I'll race ya
Sun is coming, it'll chase ya
Through this dead-beat town
Through this dead-beat town
The end is coming, I would race ya
But there's no running, it'll chase ya
Death will hunt you down
Death will hunt you down

What about the people that's barefoot
With no shoes for running when the sun come up
Hey 1 percenters, the 99 say what you gonna do for us?
We'll run up in your house like the first runner up
Be the first one to buck and the last one to get laid down, stay down
And now we're looking at the top of the pile
Kicking them out, gon' knock him out
We vote, but y'all niggas here too soft, bubblegum
Shit popping off, let 'em out like the nigga got all the hoes
Got all the dough and all the women
Boy, what you gon' do in the penitentiary
Got a lot of money, can't take it with me
I can't take it with me, I wish they could send me
To the moon and back with a cure for cancer
And save the lives of my great grandmama and my great grandaddy
Now that's the answer to the question
But they make money of the medicine
Leaving us all struck in elections
With no progressions, just recessions

Just as I expected, life gets deadly
It's funny how the beloved become the beheaded
The truth can be dependent of the direction that you're stretching
So my niggas we'll draw when shit gets sketchy
That's a masterpiece of work of art
Art gallery, not photoshop
Picture saying million words, so I just let my photos talk
Even in your local talk, niggas say you know he boss
Everytime my name is brought up better know it's mogul talk
That's why she give me geek 'till her chins weak
I'm blazing everyday, you call that dealt with
You're running away from your life that you didn't seek
That's like playing hide and seek with the Grim Reap

You can run, but you can't hide
Spent your whole life trying to escape
When everybody stayed
Getting tired of living in a lie
Different nights, same town
Say goodbyes, but we tried
Cause we know there's no getting out
And when the pawns are playing themselves
I just lay and wait and straighten myself
to the rhythm sells out
Bring them back to life, give them mouth to mouth

You can fight and try to get away
But there's nowhere to run and hide to
You better know that there will come a day
Eventually it's gonna find you

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