Some People's Kids Lyrics

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Some People's Kids

Reckless Kelly

Her daddy told her all the facts
His momma taught him how to act
at puberty they paid their dues
the pool-hall was the moulin rouge

and he likes her skirt
and she like his tight levi's
fanning flames of the fire
that burned higher than the fire in their eyes

Momma's downtown on her lips
Daddy's on a business trip
a pinch from momma's treasure chest
daddy comes up with the rest

and some people's kids don't know how fast time flies
now their paying for the fire burning higher than the fire in their eyes

some peoples kids can't see
all some people's kids really need
is someone to be there
to love 'em and to care, about them

daddy was a rollin' stone
momma chose to live alone
susie's out there on the wine
jimmy was friend of mine

and some peoples kids gotta sing so it's no surprise
that the flame of the fire's burnin' higher than the fire in their eyes

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